Our Catholic Schools: St. Elizabeth

Endowment funds from the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan have benefitted two different groups of students at St. Elizabeth Area Catholic School in Reese.

A Creality 3D printer and filament was delivered to the school last week and Dawn Papesh, seventh and eighth grade teacher, said the students already are doing some test prints. The printer will give students computer-aided design experience with a focus on science, technology and engineering.

“I have seen an immediate interest in design and a bolster in creativity,” she said.

She added that the school needs to buy design software so the students can create their own designs and print them on the 3D printer.

Third and fourth grade teacher Tiffany B. Muylle used endowment funds to update her classroom library to include audio books and equipment to help students that have special needs.

“The audio books have allowed me to provide accommodations for students who have trouble concentrating,” she said, adding that she also was able to buy a set of computer mice and headphones for each student in each class in the school. “This allows every student the same opportunity to listen to audio on the computer without disrupting the rest of the class,” she said.

There are 52 students in grades PreK – 8 enrolled this fall at St. Elizabeth Area Catholic School in Reese. The staff includes principal Gabriela Marguery, six faculty members, and a school secretary. They also share a bookkeeper and business manager with the parish.

Donations to the school’s endowment fund are always welcome.


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