Legacy Giving

Planning a legacy gift allows you to strategically accomplish both financial and charitable objectives. For many, these include the family name, honoring loved ones, providing for heirs, minimizing tax burdens and supporting the community they call home.

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Who can make a legacy gift?

You. Anyone can give assets including IRAs, securities, real estate, life insurance benefits and cash; often by simply designating the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan as a beneficiary on their asset’s beneficiary form.

What good work can I do with my legacy gift?

You can provide a stream of income that your preferred causes can count on year, after year.

Where can I do the most good?

The Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan is a trusted leader in philanthropy, with 15 years of experience. We are knowledgeable about local needs and charities in the Diocese of Saginaw and can help you craft a plan that supports the causes you care about.

When should I include a gift in my estate plan?

Now. You can include a gift by simply naming the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan as beneficiary on any of your assets. In addition, anytime you are drafting or changing your will or estate plan, you may want to consider charitable legacy gifts. Your professional advisor can provide guidance related to your specific estate, beneficiaries, income goals, taxes, and other considerations.

How do I plan a legacy gift?

Contact your professional advisor or contact the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan directly. We can provide confidential philanthropic services to donors and their professional advisors, without pressure or obligation. Planning a legacy gift is simple:

  • Include a bequest or planned gift to the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan in your estate plan and inform us.
  • We will establish a fund in your name and for your chosen purpose. Upon your death, your fund will be funded and begin doing good work in your honor.
  • We handle all administrative tasks; invest the principal and make grants from the income.

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