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The CCFMM Story

Shortly after his arrival in the Diocese of Saginaw in February 2005, Bishop Carlson asked that a legal entity be created that could securely hold funds donated by the people of the diocese. His request was that funds be invested in a socially responsible manner, in investments that are consistent with the values and principles of the Catholic Church.

The result was the creation of the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan, (better known as the CCFMM) a non-profit corporation, formed under Michigan law, and that is qualified under 501 (c ) (3) of the federal tax code.

The Foundation is designed to

  1. Be a vehicle to simplify charitable giving to causes the diocese supports;
  2. Foster and encourage higher levels of giving;
  3. Enable the assets to receive more efficient professional investment services at lower fees than smaller endowments often pay;
  4. Better safeguard investment assets
  5. Offer donors more complex methods of giving that include paying an income stream for life.

All Catholic schools of the diocese have an Endowment Account and several parishes have also created an endowment. In addition, a large number of donors have created funds.

A Brief Chronology of Our Evolution

  • February 2006 — Board of Trustees met for the first time; officers were elected; Articles of Incorporation were accepted by the State of Michigan.
  • November 2006 — Little Books donated $1,250,000 to the Bishop Kenneth E. Untener Catholic School Education Endowment Fund.
  • December 2006 — Through the support of the community, over 645 donations ranging from $10 to $1,250,000 brought the 1st year net assets balance to nearly $4.0 million in assets and 28 donor-created endowments.
  • June 2007 — Most Catholic schools transfer funds to the CCFMM.
  • February 2011 – CCFMM disbursements surpass $1 million.
  • January 2013 – The 250th endowment agreement was created.
  • February 2013 – Assets exceeded $20 million for the first time.

Recent Accomplishments:

Since 2020 four college scholarships have been endowed:

  • The Anthony and Elizabeth Brenske Memorial Scholarship
  • The Edward and Marie Abele Memorial Scholarship
  • The Cyril William Brensk Memorial Scholarship
  • The Hopeful Future Scholarship
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