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The CCFMM Story


Shortly after his arrival in the Diocese of Saginaw in February 2005, Bishop Carlson asked that a legal entity be created that could securely hold funds donated by the people of the diocese. His request was that funds be invested in a socially responsible manner, in investments that are consistent with the values and principles of the Catholic Church.


What a wonderful occasion to come together. Bishop Gruss, I would like you to know how inspiring it is for me to hear about the incredible ways in which the CCFMM has grown from its humble beginnings and continues to thrive each year. Hats off to the people of the Diocese of Saginaw for their great generosity. Hats off to the leadership of the Foundation over the years. And a special thanks to those people who work so hard to make sure funds are being invested wisely. This is a tremendous service to the people of the Diocese. It helps the church fulfill its mission of sharing the love of Jesus Christ. You have indeed blessed the Diocese and the ministries and organizations it supports.

– Archbishop Robert Carlson, fifth Bishop of the Diocese of Saginaw

Introducing the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan


The Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan (CCFMM) is a nonprofit organization that inspires faith-filled charitable giving and manages assets to provide perpetual funding for Catholic parishes, schools, ministries, and nonprofit organizations in the Diocese of
Saginaw community long into the future.

The CCFMM receives, grows, and distributes funds on behalf of our donors. We offer donors a personal and highly effective investment vehicle completely in line with Catholic values; the finest professional stewardship of those funds; optimal tax benefits; and the opportunity to create meaningful and lasting legacies through generous and
responsible giving to the community.

The Catholic Community Foundation’s work is a ministry. Catholic spiritual writer Henri Nouwen writes of philanthropy as,

a very rich and beautiful activity. It is a confident, joyful and
hope-filled expression of ministry…
we work together for the full coming of God’s Kingdom.

The Catholic Community Foundation makes it simple for the community to practice Christian philanthropy in accordance with Gospel values and the socially responsible investing principles set forth by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

About the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan


The Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan is a lay-led private autonomous pious charity established to serve the Catholic community in the Diocese of Saginaw and endorsed by Bishop Robert Gruss. The Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan is a separate and independent entity from the Diocese, with its own 501(c)(3) designation, by-laws, trustees, and staff. The Bishop serves as an ex-officio, nonvoting, member of the Board of Directors to ensure our Catholicity.

An integral part of the Catholic community in Mid-Michigan, the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan serves the geographic area of the Diocese of Saginaw, including Arenac, Bay, Clare, Gladwin, Gratiot, Huron, Isabella, Midland, Saginaw, Sanilac, and Tuscola counties.

The Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan offers various types of donor centered funds and services to accommodate your personal resources and unique charitable objectives. These are managed to optimize tax savings, to advance charitable interests, or to build the Catholic endowment and create an enduring personal or family legacy.

Donor Advised Funds

Charitable Bequests

Memorial and Honorary Funds

Endowed Granting Funds

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Tuition Assistance

Restricted Endowments

Unrestricted Endowments




Our Catholic Community



Gifts for today, tomorrow, and forever, with a permanently endowed gift,
your commitment to Catholic causes you care about will be
continued beyond your lifetime.



We balance the need to maximize total financial return over the long
term with the need to invest according to our faith. All investments are
screened using the socially responsible factors established by the
United States Catholic Conference of Bishops.



Give according to your faith. When you are inspired to share your blessings,
we are here to help you build a giving plan aligned with your Catholic values.


Thank You to our Sponsors!

Thanks for making a difference in our communities today and tomorrow through the Catholic Community Foundation.

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