We wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year!

A blessed and peaceful Advent season to you from the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan!

During Advent, we await the birth of our Savior in a humble stable by displaying Nativity sets in our churches and homes. To honor this Catholic tradition, first enacted by St. Francis in 1223, CCFMM featured some church Nativities from the Saginaw Catholic Diocese on our website and Facebook page in 2020.

Click here to be directed to our Nativity Gallery where you can read the stories featuring these beautiful church Nativities!

In 2021, CCFMM will be posting additional church Nativities from around the Saginaw Diocese, so watch for these! If  you haven’t already done so, please email us photo(s) of your church’s Nativity. If you have details such as age or maker of your Nativity, we would appreciate that as well.

We also welcome photo(s) of your own special family Nativities. Please send them to Connor Rabine at connor.rabine@ccfmm.org. Be sure to include your name, any details about the history of your Nativity including its age, how it was made or where it came from. Thank you.






ATTN: Schools and Parishes


The Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan is excited to announce the 2021-2022 College Scholarship opportunities. Unlike past years, this year we are introducing a new online scholarship application process! Over the past year the CCFMM transitioned to a new software system called CommunitySuite. This software system allows students to apply online and manage applications for multiple scholarships.

This online portal for college scholarships, will be the only path for applying for scholarships. We will be happy to assist you as we transition to no longer accepting hard copy applications.


To access the CCFMM College Scholarship Online Portal, Click Here!


Below are links to a written “How to Register” guide as well as a video tutorial.


Written Tutorial

Video Tutorial


The deadline for application submissions is January 17th of 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

I would also like to offer my assistance to Principals, Office Managers, Scholarship Advisors, Counselors, Business Managers, and families with any questions regarding the online application portal.


Please be sure to notify the students that hard copies will not be accepted. If you need assistance in the application process and or registering, please feel free to contact Connor Rabine via phone at 989-797-6684 or email at connor.rabine@ccfmm.org


You can also check out our Facebook page for updates.

Click here to view a list of available college scholarships!




Second Application Window Opens December 13, 2021 – February 1, 2022


Grants! The CCFMM has grants available to all schools, parishes or organizations who participated in the BIG Raffle. We are seeking grants that qualify as follows:

To support and develop extraordinary projects to enhance Catholic Education within the Diocese of Saginaw.

Priorities for grant consideration include:

     Diversity of the population being served

     Viability and diversity of the project

     Catholic education benefit of the project

To apply, CLICK HERE the link below, fill out the application and submit to the CCFMM on or before February 1, 2022. We look forward to hearing all about the great projects that may qualify for the St. John Neumann Fund.





Matching Challenge a Success!


On June 15th of 2021, Protect Life SVSU and the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan launched a “Matching Challenge” to raise money for The Hopeful Future Scholarship, a new CCFMM Scholarship to support pregnant students at SVSU and Delta College. The Matching Challenge ran from June 20th to July 6th.  A donor made it possible for every donation to be doubled.

Great News! The Matching Challenge not only surpassed the $5,000 donation match but the Scholarship Fund received over $25,000 in donations from 20 donors including two parishes, Holy Spirit Parish and St. Thomas Aquinas. Thank you to those who donated to support this life changing scholarship.

If you wish to donate, please visit www.ccfmm.org or send your donation to:

Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan

5800 Weiss Street

Saginaw, MI  48603

The CCFMM is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) serving the Diocese of Saginaw, its parishes, schools, and ministries.  All donations may be claimed as tax deductible under IRS rules and regulations.



Grant Provides Sixth-Grade Students with New Bibles


Thanks to a grant from the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan, sixth-grade students at Nouvel Catholic Central Elementary (NCCE) now have their own personal Bibles to read God’s word in greater depth this summer and throughout their lives.

NCCE sixth-grade teacher, Janna Witten, who applied for the grant, says it is truly a blessing for the students to have the Bibles. With the new religion book the sixth-grade students are currently using, they are frequently asked to refer to the Bible. According to Janna, “The Christ Our Life book series, adopted by NCCE in the 2019/2020 school year, encourages a lot of Bible reading, which we do in class weekly.”

Along with the purchase of the new Bibles, Janna also ordered Bible index tabs to allow her students to mark the 73 books of the Bible. Students spent an entire religion class adhering the tabs, ordered from the Catholic Company, to the corresponding pages. The sixth-graders find it’s now much easier to locate specific books/passages in the Bible.

They love the ease of finding things through the use of the index tabs, says Janna. In fact, the tabs help level the playing field, making the Bible more accessible for all my students.

Students describe the old classroom set of Bibles as having torn covers and brown pages; in contrast, the new Bibles are clean with nice covers and tabs.

After the Bibles arrived in January, Father Rick Bokinske, pastor at Saint Thomas Aquinas Church, visited each of the two sixth-grade classes to bless the students’ Bibles. Janna says the students have a real sense of pride in their new Bibles. Some have even gone out and purchased Bible covers.

Providing a Bible for each NCCE sixth-grade student is part of a larger plan, as Janna believes sixth grade is where one gets a start into adult Bible reading. As students move into junior high, they are required to have their own Bibles. Now, students will enter seventh grade with Bibles tabbed and with valuable experience locating books/passages.

At the request of the seventh-grade teachers, Janna also purchased a couple extra Bibles, so any students new to NCCE in junior high could be given a Bible, a “Welcome to your spiritual journey” gift, says Janna.

Janna and her students are very appreciative of the new Bibles.

I see a great deal of enthusiasm for reading the Bible, says Janna. Two of my students told me they want to read the whole Bible, and one girl spends all her free time reading her Bible.

Kristin Smith, Executive Director of the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan (CCFMM), believes it is very important to provide students with their own Bibles. According to Kristin,

The value of providing Bibles for Catholic students to own is beyond measure, for reading the Bible will shape the choices they make growing up.

Kristin was impressed that each of the 35 NCCE sixth-grade students wrote a personal thank-you letter to CCFMM and shared a favorite Bible verse. “Feelings of joy and hope filled my heart with each letter I read,” said Kristin. Below are just a few of the reasons students are thankful for their own Bibles:

Emma: The Bibles give us stories about Jesus’ life.
Sydney: The Bible helps me learn more about God and what Jesus did for me.
Owen: My Bible helps me lead a better and more spiritual life.
Gabi: Thank you so much for the amazing Bibles you gave us. It helps me keep my faith.

Kristin shares that the students’ thank-you letters have inspired her to find a way for CCFMM to provide all Catholic school children in sixth grade with a Bible to own, and she is confident the Holy Spirit will lead her/the Foundation in finding a way to make this happen. In fact, Kristin envisions that a newly-formed CCFMM society, the Saint Joseph Giving Society (SJGS), may very well be a vehicle through which sixth-grade Bibles will be provided. To learn more about SJGS, please see our companion piece to this story, “Inspired by St. Joseph: Giving from the Heart.”

The CCFMM is pleased to provide this grant, which made it possible for each NCCE sixth-grade student to take home a Bible at the end of the school year. As they read over the summer, Janna offered this advice:

Spend time reading the book of James, as it has so many good nuggets for living a good Christian Life.

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