Sister Maria Inviolata


Sister Maria Inviolata, SMDG, is a member of Ave Maria Parish (St. Denis) in Lexington, Michigan. Sister has a Bachelor’s degree from City University of Bellevue, Washington, general studies, and a Master’s Degree from Gonzaga University in education.

Sister Maria currently serves as Director of Parish Life and Pastoral Administrator at Ave Maria Parish. She prepares/edits a weekly column in the church bulletin for her parishioners.

Sister first learned of the good work of the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan while working with St. John Neumann Educational Grants. It was  exciting for her when St. John Neumann projects were funded by CCFMM every year the grants were offered.

The Sisters of Our Mother of Divine Grace are Sister Maria’s family, and, as a religious sister, she has a great love for Truth.

“Oftentimes when you invest money, you don’t know what the entities you invest with are up to, but you don’t have to worry about that with the CCFMM. The CCFMM helps Catholics put the teachings of Jesus Christ into everyday practice. Their long-term investments are not in conflict with Catholic principles.”

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